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Why VéloRoo?

10 years experience providing awesome cycling holidays to our guests!

Steve & Julia

Small cycling tours, big experiences

Bike Tour adventures that deliver on authenticity 

Are you looking for a cycling tour that’s focused on local cultural experiences and well-deserved indulgences? For an adventure that’s just physically challenging enough, but not designed for competitive athletes? For an opportunity to travel in a small band of merry-making cyclists, not a big ego-driven peloton taking over well-trodden roads?

You know, you sound like a VéloRoo kind of person. Here, we design and lead proudly boutique cycling tours for people just like you. People who like the idea of riding through the South of France, setting a goal for the Pyrenees, or discovering the outback of Australia during off-seasons when everything is beautiful but not over-crowded. Who want to just hop on a bike and get away from the everyday. Who get a kick out of meeting just enough like-minded and fun-loving people to create a temporary, tight-knit community.

Why VéloRoo?

There are plenty of opportunities to join a bigger tour. Why go small?

The authenticity factor

Our bike tour size is capped at around 8-10 cyclists so we can go to the places that are really worth it. We’re talking about the family-owned restaurants, the cafés with the life-changing coffee, the tiny taverns and hotels. We’re talking quieter roads with truly stunning vistas. If you’re going to travel halfway around the world, don’t you want to feel like you’re getting the real deal?

The personal support

VéloRoo is a family business, owned and operated by Australian couple, Steve and Julia. From your first email, contact or phone call you will be talking with one of us. (Unless of course you come across one of our happy guests first, who might tell you all about it!)

Then we get to the real fun part – your idyllic cycling holiday – and we are with you all the way! Steve will be your riding buddy and tour guide; and Julia is in charge of logistics and is always close at hand with vehicle support and supplies.

The focus on experience

You’re not signing up for an exhausting, racing-focused tour with VéloRoo. Sure, you’re going to get your exercise—but you’re also definitely going to get your share of mind-blowing food and fine wines. We know where the historic olive farms, the little-known wineries, the uncompromised landscapes, and the quiet nature walks are.

If you’d rather make memories than win medals, this is the kind of tour you’re looking for.

The beauty of community

If you’ve ever created friendships while traveling, you get it. There’s something so precious about the community you can build while on the road, facing challenges and celebrating life together. We have found that small groups work best to create this community, so that’s what we do.

Because our philosophy is – Live, Laugh, Ride …

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Live. Laugh. Ride.

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