Live, Laugh, Ride ... Cycling holidays since 2012

Get yourself to the 2021 Santos Cycling Festival

And we'll take care of getting your bike there

No need to dismantle your bike

Drop your bike & kit bag off to us and we'll bring it to the Tour Down Under

Transported securely inside a vehicle

We take the best care of your pride and joy

VeloRoo-ber – TDU bike taxi – Brisbane / Adelaide (return)

We've been saving Queensland riders time, money and stress by safely transporting their bikes to the Tour Down Under since 2013.

Why Use VeloRoo-ber?

Save yourself the hassle of:

  • dismantling and packing your bike,
  • waiting for a taxi big enough to take bike bags,
  • worrying if your bike will make it to Adelaide undamaged!
  • Airlines will not guarantee your bike will arrive on the same flight as you,  perhaps not even the same day! – and we’ve seen this happen year after year,
  • long delays with long taxi queues in Adelaide with everyone else with bike bags,
  • unpacking and reassembling your bike.
Use VéloRoo-ber and your bike is delivered to Adelaide ready to ride during the Tour Down Under. 


Santos Tour Down Under VeloRoo-ber Bike Transport includes:

  • Your pride and joy will be transported inside a vehicle, not exposed to the elements
  • TBC Final drop off / pick up locations in Brisbane 
  • TBC –  Adelaide location
  • transfer of a kit bag for bulky items – helmet / shoes etc –
  • Discount available for repeat clients
  • customised collection / delivery may be an option for groups – ask us

Each year we fully book out … so don’t delay! 

Upcoming Tour Dates

Santos Tour Down Under VeloRoo-ber Bike Transport

Ready to ride? VeloRoo can make your dream escape a reality

AUD $295

per bike

Santos Tour Down Under VeloRoo-ber Bike Transport

A word from our clients

Don’t take our word for it - here's some comments from happy VeloRoovians

Friendly and well organised Steve and Julia made the whole event hassle free and so enjoyable. My bike was transferred to and from Brisbane to Adelaide and returned hassle free. 2017
I'm saying yes to VeloRoo taking my bike to TDU next year please!!! I saw about 20 bikes not make my flight yesterday evening leaving Adelaide... they all went back to the terminal too. Thanks again!2018