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Why Should Cyclists Visit the Sunshine Coast?


You may be thinking ‘Why the Sunshine Coast?’ when planning a trip to Queensland. Out of all the places you could visit in Australia, it can be difficult to narrow down just one to embark on a getaway to. Well, for our resident cycling enthusiasts, here are just a few reasons you should visit this little slice of paradise!

The Sunshine Coast is very bike-friendly!

Boasting a number of glorious cycling routes, the Sunshine Coast terrain is made for cycling. The roads and paths are diverse and allow cyclists of all abilities to really experience and get amongst the stunning natural beauty. Both locals and tourists love cycling around the Coast and so the roads have awesome cycling lanes and traffic is cyclist-friendly.

The Sunshine Coast has some of the most stunning coastlines

We know it’s a little obvious, given it’s the Sunshine Coast, but it would be remiss of us not to mention the beaches! It’s exactly what you think of when you picture the ‘perfect coastline;’ idyllic white sandy beaches, rolling turquoise waves and beautiful warm sun!

The thing about beaches on the Sunshine Coast is there is so much variety. There are popular beaches, ‘secret’ beaches, calm beaches, surfing beaches, coves, rivers, inlets, islands and so much more! There’s quite literally a beach for any occasion – and all of them perfect for post ride recovery! Not to mention the stunning cycling tracks that follow the coastline…

bicycle tour in front of Sunshine Coast beach

It’s easy to support local, Australian businesses

Especially in the current climate of the world, it’s becoming increasingly important to support local businesses, buy Australian-made and produced products and contribute to local economies. There is no better place to do this than the Sunshine Coast! Especially in the Hinterland, you’re almost always supporting a family-owned business and keeping your experiences genuine and real!

Picturesque rolling hills and charming country towns

The Sunshine Coast isn’t all about the coastline – in fact, we like to think that we have a bit of everything here. The Sunshine Coast Hinterland is pretty special and has a lot to offer both visitors and locals.

The sheer amount of biodiversity in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland is astounding!  You will see some of the most charming country towns, bursting with locally made produce, gifts and art. The ‘cultural hub’ of the Sunshine Coast also boasts forests, sub-tropical rainforests, dairy farms, pineapple and sugar cane plantations, macadamia nut and fruit tree orchards. So much variety!. Cycling through the hinterland definitely isn’t boring, nor does it leave you with a lack of scenery.

The Hinterland is also one of the best-kept secrets on the Sunshine Coast, meaning it has a very low number of ‘mass tourists!’ This is particularly great for cycling, as the roads lay on the contours of land, maintaining the true character of the landscape. Without high volumes of cars, caravans and busses you are assured of an incredible ride!

old sign in front of country town on the Sunshine Coast

Incredible local micro-breweries

It doesn’t get much more Australian than a post-ride beer from a local brewery. Luckily, the Sunshine Coast is full of them! For any lover of good beer, you will not be disappointed by the selection of local craft brews created with love – you can taste the passion in every sip! After all, what more could you want than cycling along the coastline and then enjoying a refreshing drink and good food? We can’t think of anything better…

You have to see the historic Glasshouse Mountains at least once in your life

The Glasshouse Mountains are certainly a breathtaking sight! The cluster of mountains inland from the Sunshine Coast hold about 25 to 27 million years of history! So significant, these mountains are actually listed on both the Queensland and National Heritage Register.

They feature many walking and hiking tracks for adventurers of all levels – including professional mountain climbers. The Glasshouse Mountains are a very significant location for Indigenous Australians, with historical sites all throughout the landscape.

bicycle tour with a view of the Glasshouse Mountains on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland

We could go on forever and list a million reasons why you should visit the Sunshine Coast! It’s a fantastic place, especially for cycling enthusiasts with a love for stunning scenery, great food and supporting local businesses. If you are keen to see the Sunshine Coast from the saddle like a local, check out our Sunshine Coast cycling tours.

VéloRoo was born out of a deep love for cycling and an enchantment with everything southern Europe has to offer. Our purpose is simply to share this with others, and to do so whilst supporting them in any and every way possible. Run by Sunshine Coast locals, Steve and Julia, VéloRoo provides authentic, genuine and personal experiences that combine the joy of cycling, with exploration and immersion in local cultures. Find out more about VéloRoo on our About Us page, as well as view our other once-in-a-lifetime Cycling Experiences!

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Live, laugh, ride ... et manger. I love to ride, I love to laugh and I love to eat. This was a week of living!! Every ride was spectacular. The scenery was amazing. Julia and Steve assisted in an awesome week of experiencing all the magnificent aspects of riding in France. Their local knowledge made the difference to ensure we had an exceptional experience. Merci beaucoup mes amis!Took South of France Cycling Tour in July 2017
Pyrenees Autumn Challenge
Just came back from the dream vacation with VeloRoo doing the October Pyreness Challenge 2019, and it still feels like a dream! A great friend of mine did the July Pyreness/South of France, and spoke highly of the experience and had no doubt that I would love the route and the VeloRoo experience knowing me and my riding attitude.

It turned out to be better than what I could have asked for. Pre-trip, Julia was super responsive and helpful in providing all the trip information. She also went above and beyond to help find travel logistics on transporting from different parts of Europe to the meeting point of the Pyreness ride. It’s like a Genie helping you find alternatives and solutions on making a trip work! It is really good to be assisted and informed.

We had an intimate group like CyclingStealth11 pointed out, riders from quite a few countries and two non riders. Everyone was a bit anxious about the toughness and possibly other riders being super competitive. It was a relief that with Captain Steve and Neil’s lead, we really focused on “enjoying the climb and view”. The views around Pyreness was just amazing! Every climb is scenic, but scenic in a different way! Steve would pointed out the spots not to miss, I was so thankful when other riders would just stop, and take pictures of the spectacular view! We sing, we laughed, we made jokes, and we climbed (oh and we coffee break, too). We followed Neil like little fans asking of stories. Great hearing everyone’s stories along the way as well! These are special friendships made, that I would like to keep! : ) I already want to go back already while typing these out.

The food and accomodation was great, too! It was nice getting to taste the local specialty. I love being able to try and learn of the local, and embrace the friendliness of the local people from Pyreness area. It is a very unique experience. My mom joined us from Taiwan as a non-rider. She got to see the sights we rode, stopped at great viewing point, and also had a special hike with aforager. This was a special experience to mom at Pyreness even off the bike! Thank you, Julia and Steve for making this work for mom!

Who should consider VeloRoo?
- If you are looking for a great cycling vacation experience that is a little bit more budget friendly
- If you are cool with fully enjoying the view, letting go the baggage, speed, and stats
- If you like an awesome guide, who is more like your family (brother) rather than a scripted tour guide
- If you are not a good planner like me, and can get some help from the amazing Julia
- If you want to have the down to earth local experience, not fancy masseuse/racing crews or personal chef following you

There are also options of routes to consider! So find a route that suits you, and don’t be shy to send the email for more information. It will be an amazing experience whichever VeloRoo tours you decided! Speaking from my earnest experience. : )Took Pyrénées Iconic Climbs Challenge in Oct 2019