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Sunshine Coast Hinterland – Day by Day

Got more time - we have the rides for you!

1: The Sunny Coast Classique

Day 1
110km Distance ride
1070m Accumulated elevation

Soaking up the deeply chillaxed mood of Australian holiday makers in paradise – that’s what this leg is all about. But don’t worry, we won’t get so relaxed that we forget to challenge you with the day’s route; after all, even a flat day in this region is bound to be pretty bumpy. Today’s cycle, a round trip from our base in Coolum to the luxurious vacation mecca that is Noosa and back again, is the longest day ride in our current repertoire.
A dubious honor, perhaps, but it definitely makes for an unforgettable day of cycling.

The Classique is the sort of ride our French friends would refer to as bonne pour les yeux – good for the eyes – meaning that although you might feel the burn, the beautiful scenery will inspire you to pull through.

Along the way, we have a couple of sneaky detours planned to make sure you get only the very best views and impressions; by the time we roll back home along the coast all your senses will be well and truly sated.


  • Breathtaking ocean views as we depart in the morning
  • Gyndier Drive – car-free and yours for the taking
  • Cruising along Hastings Street, a Noosa icon
  • Cycling through historic Australian towns – especially the time bending main street of Cooroy

Included meals: lunch

2: Pinchy-Punchy Climby Madness

Day 2
60km Distance ride
1150m Accumulated elevation

This leg will take you right into the hilly heart of the Hinterland, showcasing exactly why the Sunshine Coast is set to be one of Australia’s most sought after cycle tour destinations; and will leave you pumped to be among the privileged few to ride these roads before they’re famous.

This region, most commonly known for its dairy farms and intense natural beauty provides a variety of climbs that is simply staggering. This tour offers everything from eye-watering gradients to breath-taking views.

To top it all off, this route will keep you engaged not just with fresh challenges at every turn, but with an ever-changing scenery that is nothing short of spectacular. As we ride on, bushland gives way to rainforest before revealing the lush sprawl of farmland; not to mention the views that will provide the backdrop for your heroic victory photos atop each conquered climb.

This is a gorgeous ride that will leave you feeling like a true champion. It’s a day of challenges, starting with some sharper ascents and finishing off long and draggy…without ever reaching ‘frightening’ status.


  • A bracing pre-ride coffee at our favourite Eudlo café
  • Stunning ocean views
  • The secluded roads of the Hinterland

Included meals: lunch

3: The Heritage Tour

Day 3
80km Distance ride
729m Accumulated elevation

Today’s stage is a classic voyage of discovery as we cycle our way through history via picturesque roads winding through small mountainside farms. Our chosen route feels a world away from the hustle and bustle of the busy seaside towns.

This round trip, starting at our home base in Coolum, will take you right into some of the most ancient landscapes of the area. Skirting volcanic plugs, working our way up the sneaky gradients that will reward you with stunning views; there are some truly ancient treasures in store.

However, this supported ride not only highlights the Sunshine Coast’s natural history, it also gives you a glimpse of some of the oldest farm and timber establishments of the region – including sprawling cane fields and pineapple farms – if you want to buy a pineapple, today’s your day!

To break it all up, we allow for a leisurely coffee stop in Yandina, a beautiful little local secret nestled on the bank of the South Maroochy River. Our favourite little café serves a rich brew made from their signature in-house roast; the perfect pick-me-up before we roll back into Coolum, full of the joy of cycling.


  • Striking, ancient landscapes
  • Cycling through some of the Hinterlands oldest settlements
  • Technical descents
  • The emerging coastline as we return to Coolum

Included meals: lunch

4: 27 million years in the making

Day 4
87km Distance ride
1275m Accumulated elevation

Today, your VéloRoo stage will take you right into the wild and untamed heart of the area to discover hidden vistas that will take your breath away. This is a relatively hilly stage with a flat finish, full of Sunshine Coast charm. Heading out from Landsborough, we will cycle for the hills until we hit the stunning scenery of the Blackall Ranges.

Macadamia and pineapple plantations, as well as custard apple farms, line the route towards the Blackall Ranges, one of the best kept secrets when it comes to cycling highlights in the South-East Queensland. At VéloRoo we like to take the road-less-travelled and this quiet, rambling route is one of our all-time favourites; especially the broad panoramic views of the Glasshouse Mountains, translucent and mysterious in the winter sun.

Everything about this ride is picturesque; from the tiny villages dotting the countryside, the roadside fruit stalls with their honesty boxes…even the odd 10% climb this route throws our way is simply too gorgeous to be a serious struggle.

And the descents … you will be giggling like a bunch of school children on excursion!


  • The Glasshouse Mountain views
  • Spectacular scenery throughout
  • The call of the whip birds
  • Wide open skies and plenty of sunshine
  • The descents

Included meals: lunch

5: More QLD than a Maroon Pineapple!

Day 5
65km Distance ride
1150m Accumulated elevation

This route is designed to show off some local roads with distinctive character – some might even call them character building. VéloRoo invites you to get into the spirit of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland as we take you through some of the most charming and lesser-known nooks and crannies of the region.

Our morning climb – starting at Woombye, home of The Big Pineapple – is strangely reminiscent of our favourite local French climbs. It has a homely sort of vibe to it and the Australian bushland provides a pleasant shady cover as we work our way upwards. The roads we’ve selected for your cycling pleasure seem as though they’ve simply been slapped down amongst the glorious surroundings; they truly are diamonds in the rough, making for a unique riding experience to say the least.

Once we reach the top of the range the going gets decidedly lumpy – but the views are nothing short of sublime. Julia and Steve have put together a range of little distractions and detours as we explore the heights of the range, making sure you dont miss a highlight of the scenery to its fullest before we start our descent.

Let us assure you, you are in for a great, great descent, blending sweeping hairpins with long, fast straights that will make you want to hoot with that special kind of glee that comes with a well-earned downhill; and all of it on roads that are bordered by wild, natural beauty all along the long, long, long way down. This tour really gives local flavour at its finest and features truly epic scenery.


  • Riding the ridgeline with sublime 360-degree views
  • The meandering valley roads
  • Mountain top vistas
  • The aromas as we ride through plantations and farmlands

As our Sunshine Coast Hinterland Cycling experience is modular we can shorten the number of ride days if needed, or add in some off the bike days to give your legs a rest and for you to explore some of the other awesome local experiences.

Included meals: lunch

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The service has been wonderful, the bike arrived within 24 hours and was a great way to maintain fitness and kill some time in quarantine. The bike was in good working order and clean. Took Hotel Quarantine Exercise Bike Hire Brisbane in Feb 2021
Riding with Steve as a tour guide made the difference. As a group of three MAMIL's, we booked two days of riding with Steve ... Having Steve as a tour guide significantly improved the whole experience from the distance covered, the speed, the hills, the countryside, the views and, of course, the cafes and restaurants!
Steve is a top bloke for both having a laugh and learning from so in conclusion; lots of exercise, lots of fun and a quality bike ..... hassle free and worth every penny.Took Guided Day Rides in France in May 2017