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Hotel Quarantine Bike Hire Brisbane

Keep fit and active during your hotel quarantine in Brisbane.

We’ve done hotel quarantine, we know what it’s like.

14 days in a room for hotel quarantine – watching TV / sitting at the computer / food turning up at your door – wondering how much “excess baggage” you’ll have on the way out!

All this time without access to your beloved road bike or the gym!

It’s frustrating! So here’s a solution:

To help keep you fit and sane – bike hire for your hotel quarantine to keep you riding. We offer a spin bikes as well as road bike and stationary trainer hire service, delivered to your Brisbane hotel for the duration of your stay.

Pricing is for up to 14 days hire. Discounts possible on package bookings of a spin bike & road bike.

Missing the Gym? Keep those legs turning

Spin Bike Hire $165

Our Spin Bike Hire service in Brisbane Hotel Quarantine is the perfect way to exercise in your room.

  • We’ve found the best models to suit these conditions.
  • You need something that’s not too big and bulky – so we’ve kept to lighter weight models
  • That’s easily movable – all models have wheels.
  • AND there is no need to compromise on performance. These bikes are sturdy and stable, particularly on carpet – like most hotel rooms.
  • Nice and easy to use. Models vary.

Set yourself up in front of the TV on the bike and watch a good movie or do what one of our ingenious clients did – set your laptop up in front of you and go on a Virtual Ride.

You don’t have to be alone during quarantine – ride virtually with your mates – with VeloRoo’s bike and trainer hotel quarantine package.

Road Bike Hire with JetBlack Fluid Trainer $390

Road Bike with JetBlack Fluid Trainer. This is a basic stationary trainer, the back wheel locks into the trainer and you start pedalling!

If you have bluetooth on your phone & computer – use Zwift to ride with your mates. You wont have the resistance controlled by the app but you can still have a “social ride”.

Hire includes – bike / trainer / front wheel riser / allen key to adjust the seat height / hand pump (in the unlikely event that you need more air)

Road Bike Hire with Rollers $390

If you’ve just asked yourself – I wonder what rollers are? – now is probably not the time to find out 🙂

Hire includes – bike / rollers / allen key to adjust the seat height / hand pump (in the unlikely event that you need more air)

Road Bike Hire with Tacx Smart Trainer $450

A smart trainer offers resistance, like a normal trainer, but with the added benefit of allowing the resistance to be controlled by cycling apps such as Zwift.

Hire includes – bike / trainer / front wheel riser / allen key to adjust the seat height / hand pump (in the unlikely event that you need more air)

What to do now

Fill out our enquiry form and we’ll check availability and get back to you asap.

All of our equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised in line with COVID safe practices to provide you with complete peace of mind.

Live. Laugh. Ride.

A word from our clients

Don’t take our word for it - discover why our cycling adventurists have fallen in love with the Occitanie Region of Southern France and the VeloRoo way.

Best Part of Our Trip. I am not a big reviewer of organizations, esp if they are not five stars. In this case, writing a favorable review may not just be a nice thing to do but mandatory. Any of you out there who enjoy riding, amiable company, and crazy beautiful French countryside need to cycle with Steve. While there were many things about our trip that were fantastic (it is France, after all), our half-day ride with VeloRoo made the top of the list of things to do -- and do again, I hope.Took Guided Day Rides in France in Aug 2017
First I have to apologize for talking so long to write my review, especially since my wife and I had an amazing time. Steve, Julia and Neal are awesome. If you ride with VeloRoo you will have a fantastic experience period! I quickly told my cycling buddies back at home. In fact, one of my buddies rode the Pyrenees in Autumn of 2019 (see Dale's review) and said it was trip of a lifetime.

My wife and I did the July Pyreness/South of France tour. From a cycling standpoint, we are at completely different levels. I ride close to 6000 miles a year and love climbing. My wife is new to cycling and was just starting to use clip in pedals about 5 months before our trip. That said, Veloroo is able to accommodate the ride for everyone. They make the rides flexible for the riders. For example, instead of riding the entire Col de Tourmalet, Veloroo drove my wife and several riders up halfway and they were able to ride the rest to the summit. On any given day, you can ride as much as you want or at any time take a nice break.

We were very fortunate to ride with a group of riders primarily from Australia. And close friendships were quickly made during the trip and remain afterward.

A couple of shoutouts....

Julie, thank you for making things run so smoothly. I know it requires a lot of preparation and attention to detail. You did a marvelous job and are awesome. Steve is a lucky guy to have you.

Steve, your positive attitude, sense of humor, and passion really made our trip. I appreciate all of the help you did with my wife. She really appreciated it as well and is even more motivated to get more climbing under her belt.

Neal, we really appreciated all of your help and tips. We love all of your great stories and insight. Most of all you are one of the nicest guys you could meet.

VeloRoo really does treat you like family and you become part of their extended family after you ride with them.

Cycling to me is a passion and is potentially something that my wife and I can share doing together. After this trip, my wife has gotten the cycling bug and has already started planning for local rides that we can do together. I consider that a success.

Thank you VeloRoo!Took Pyrénées Iconic Climbs Challenge in July 2019